Flowers are like friends…they bring colour to my world

“Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.”

Luther Burbank

lilies & stocksIf you asked me what inspires my interior design, I would have to say, it’s bringing the outside, inside. In other words, I try to bring the colour, freshness and ambiance of my garden and nature, indoors; to make me feel relaxed, calm and at home.

My favourite colours are green and lilac and from these colours, I can create a palette to enhance every room in my house. These are also shades I love to find in nature, although I must admit, I think flowering plants are amazing, I get pleasure from them all. In my house, fresh flowers are always on display; they are part of my decor style and the natural scent they give out is a perfect air freshener. Again, I do have some favourites: lilies, roses, stocks, and the delicate freesias. Green leafy plants, like palms create a tranquil setting and these too are a must for my home.

Recently, I have had a real buzz, taking floral photos on my iPhone for my gallery and portfolio. It’s so easy to take a basic shot and make it into something special. I can see my pictures improving as I focus on some simple, but important tips.


  • Photograph outside
  • Think about the light source
  • Zoom in
  • Look for water droplets
  • Photograph indoors
  • Crop for the best image
  • Let the image fill the space
  • Keep it simple
  • Take lots of pictures
  • Have fun

The Rose is a sign of love and beauty, this Bottlebrush plant is unusual and unique and the Sunflower is pure sunshine!

 IMG_3059  bottle brush IMG_2957

I enjoy discovering wild flowers and those hidden in the hedgerows as I walk about my local environment. Wherever I now go, my eyes are on the lookout for some hidden treasure, which is what I think these examples of floral perfection are.

IMG_3013IMG_3018 In the hedge

Whenever I visit friends, or wish to celebrate an occasion, I like to give flowers as a gift. I feel it is a real treat when I receive flowers or plants from my family and friends. I really believe in the expression, ‘Say it with flowers”.


I suppose I can’t imagine a world without their colour and fragrance, can you?


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