Colour Creations…

I’m hooked… iPhoneography has taken over my life, or at least a very enjoyable part of it!

When I first decided to do my 365-day photo journal, I was concerned about how I could possibly find any images worthy of uploading. The app Collect- Photo Journal actually reminds you to add your picture of the day…no pressure then!


My inspiration has come from Emil Pakarlis, founder of the

iPhone Photography School

His amazing free videos and tutorials and tips are easy to follow and have encouraged me to look again at the editing apps on my phone: Snapseed, Ansel, Instagram and EyeEm. I am only on week three and already I feel more confident with the camera on my iPhone. Flowers and shrubs in the garden and surrounding areas, provide the stimulus. Every day they look different; growth and weather conditions mean unique photo opportunities. Now that I have discovered how to adjust the focus and exposure manually, I realise that for once, I’m in charge of the camera, and it’s not the other way round!


Here are a few of my favourite pictures; I’m pleased with them.

Colour is the ultimate in art. It is still and will always remain a mystery to us, we can only apprehend it intuitively in flowers.

Philipp Otto Runge

This is an exciting hobby.  I’m really enjoying it…why not give it a go!


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