Stop, look and look again!

“The camera is an instrument that teaches people how to see without a camera.”
― Dorothea Lange

Have I been walking around with my eyes shut? Reflection               

Since I decided to improve my photographic skills with iPhoneography, I find myself looking at everything around me in a new and fascinating manner. Whether it’s the local environment or places I’ve visited, I actively search for that photo opportunity, camera at the ready. Now that I am aware of the magical power light source has on the environment, I am amazed and surprised by shadow imagery. It’s everywhere! And when the light is right, sunsets can be spectacular.


Guess what….I’m a shadow, sunset and silhouette seeker!      

Black and white photographs have always impressed me. There’s a wonderful app on the Apple Store called AnselIt creates a black and white portfolio of your existing library and offers in-app editing tools too. Not all pictures need to be converted in this way; colour creations are fantastic, but it does allow you to see how some can be enhanced to become new and noteworthy images.

At the moment I am just experimenting and having fun. After all, I have to submit a photo to my 365 day Collect Photo Journal, don’t I? It’s true to say, our world is a fascinating place, and more so, when you pause, observe and take in, the sometimes hidden, beauty of it.

We are always rushing around; our lives are busy, but maybe it’s time to stop, slow down and look around!



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