A Friend in Need…

“He who can’t be advised,

also can not be helped.”

~ Latin Proverb

Hi there, friends and fellow bloggers!

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I need your advice…

I have been writing Loving Leisure time for 10 months now.

I’m still loving it and feeling inspired by all I read and see on Wordress.

Yesterday, I was checking my status and realised that I had already used half of my 3G storage. I appreciate that I do take many photographs to enhance my posts, but I do re-size them for the blog and I don’t want to alter the style of how I write.

My concern is; what will I do when it is full?

Do I start all over again or do I upgrade now?

I am hoping you can share your upgrading experiences; to reassure me.

  • Will my followers be directed automatically, or will they have to sign up for notifications from my new address?
  • Will all my posts look the same after I change over?

I am happy with my layout at the moment,

but I would be glad to get rid of the ads that tag each post.

Honestly, I have read the information on the Plans and Upgrade pages, but I’d really appreciate your input. Word of mouth always works for me! My Blog Birthday on the 5th of May, so I have time to think about what I plan to do…

As always, your friendship and support means so much,

Many thanks,

Frances xXx




18 thoughts on “A Friend in Need…

  1. Dear Frances, your posts are really very inspiring, so hope you won’t disappear. I also ask myself the same question, unfortunately, I haven’t decided what to do yet, so cannot advice you anything. But let’s see maybe someone knows what to do. It’s a tricky thing, since upgrading means paying money, which I am currently lack of! Take care and have a nice weekend!

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  2. I had this shock last October, Frances. I’d used up almost all of my 3G storage. I didn’t know about resizing files before then. I spent ages shrinking all the galleries I put in, and still have a lot of older posts to do. So many people gave me advice on how to do it, for which I was very grateful. Hope you get it all sorted.

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      • I’m still up at 2.3 of my storage, so I need a big effort to resize photos on my ealier posts very soon. It takes so long, taking out all of the big galleries, resizing the images and putting them back in again. I’ve done loads already. My own fault, I know, for not giving this a thought before now. Hope yoe get yours sorted out too, Frances.

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  3. Sounds like you’re on the right track with resizing your photos but it’s not hard to upgrade if you have to – Nothing changes on your blog as far as I could see except storage – and it’s well worth it not to have to worry about it. Good luck! πŸ˜€

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