Luxurious Salted Caramel Sauce …

“I think love is caramel. Sweet and fragant; always welcome.”

-Jenny Colgan

 I love this stuff…here is my version for a dreamy, creamy, salted, caramel sauce.


I like to use golden caster sugar for my caramel.


Double or thick cream works best for me, but you can use creme fraiche.


  • 200g golden caster sugar
  • 125ml water
  • 100g butter, cubed
  • 100ml double cream
  • A grinding of sea salt


 Cook the sugar and water over medium heat until the sugar dissolves.


  1. Put the sugar in a wide, heavy-bottomed pan and evenly pour over the water to cover the sugar.
  2. Melt the sugar and watch it turn an amber colour for about 6-7 minutes.
  3. Take it off the heat and whisk in the butter until it is completely melted.
  4. Then stir in the cream.
  5. Put back on the heat and stir till smooth.
  6. Add the sea salt a little at a time and season to taste; put a small amount to cool on a spoon.
  7. Pour into a jar to cool, then cover and store in the fridge.


The caramel will be thin at this point, but it will firm up as it gets well chilled.


This sauce is great to swirl through ice cream,

easy to reheat to for Sticky Toffee Pudding and perfect to put in Caramel Pecan Muffins.


Frances 😋


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