Looking at Life in Black and White…

“To see in colour is a delight for the eye but to see in black and white is a delight for the soul.”

– Andri Cauldwell

The more I look at the work of fellow photographers and artists, I can’t help but notice, that black and white photography is becoming prominent and very popular. There is something special and striking about a quality black and white picture.

I have always been drawn to this style of artwork and have noticed how texture, drama and symmetry are enhanced by the rainbow of greys in black & white, monochrome and noir photos. Colour contrasts in real life can make stunning images in black and white, especially with the right composition and attention to detail.

This is a genre of photography I really want to work on and hopefully, my skills will improve. I was delighted, when I was invited to join a Friday B&W Challenge via the EyeEm Community. Here are some of my recent submissions…


A darling dahlia…


My perspective…


First fill a pan with cold water…


Just rice…


Sunday treat…


I love lilies…


Almost gone…

If any of my fellow bloggers have some sound advice, tips or tutorials, please feel free to link these to this post.

Many thanks,



12 thoughts on “Looking at Life in Black and White…

  1. Gorgeous, I think the rice looks SO much better, as sit is difficult to photograph.
    I took a selection of black and white photos at the weekend, but have not posted them on here, I might put them on before I go on holiday as a little ‘ au revoir, a bientot’ You might like to see them even if no one else does.


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