This Yogi is on the Loose…

“Sometimes, you need to step outside, get some air and remind yourself of who you are and who you want to be.”

-Gossip Girl

Maybe an unusual quote source for this week’s yoga post, but for me it rings true…


This weekend I plucked up the courage and took my yoga practice outside. With mat in hand and no laptop to connect to DOYOUYOGA or my iPhone, with it’s preset Perfect Playlist, I ventured out, alone, into the unknown…my back garden!

Guess what?…I loved it!

Initially, I suppose I felt a little self conscious. Don’t ask me why, because no one could see me and it was early in the morning. But once I connected to the breath and got into the flow of my familiar routine, I soon realised that I felt good and it was really working. I didn’t need all the technology that I rely on daily; yep…I’m a bit of an addict that way. For once, I was actually just letting go and concentrating on me and my yoga.

What made the experience so special?


I can honestly say, that I wasn’t just focusing on myself, I was connecting with nature and my environment. I was facing the sun with my salutations; it was warming and felt good. Birdsong and cooing pigeons provided the soothing, musical background for the flow of movement and the fresh morning breeze just felt exhilarating. As I twisted and turned, I saw the sun glisten on the greenery, noticed the colour and new flowers on the pink phlox in the corner and I found myself smiling. It was sheer joy watching the changing cloudscape, as I looked upwards towards the sky, from a shoulder stand. I finished with the most relaxing meditation. I had stepped away from my normal routine and felt a great sense of achievement. It was a great experience, and if any of my neighbours did catch sight of me, c’est la vie!

As we are now in the month of August, I intend to make the most of the good weather, so I’ve decided to continue with this outdoor venture. I want to hear the sound of water trickling in a pond or from a stream. I want to find that perfect spot, shaded by trees, in the park and or woodlands. I may even venture to the beach, to feel the sand between my toes, as stand in a strong warrior pose.

It’s a natural high and I want some more.

IMG_4377I think it’s called Yogalicious!

IMG_3012This Yogi is on the loose…Why not take yourself outdoors and give it a go?





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