Sing a Rainbow Day 7…

Red and yellow and pink and green,

Purple and orange and blue,

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,

Sing a rainbow too.

Arthur Hamilton

avocado salad

Today is the last day of my Sing a Rainbow Challenge, therefore, as you can guess, I’m feeling a little blue.

Blue is the colour of honesty, reliability, trust and responsibility. Choose blue for peace, quiet and tranquility. Many people favour this colour because it is the colour of nature; water and the sky, although not common in fruit or vegetables .

And tell me, where would we be without our blue jeans?

I love all shades of blue: baby blue, alice blue, cornflower, cyan, periwinkle, navy, midnight, sapphire and royal blue.

“Blue is the only color which maintains its own character in all its tones… it will always stay blue;” Raoul Dufy, French Fauvist Painter, 1877-1953

Here are a few of my blue images…


A beautiful Scottish Loch.


Delicate and pretty forget-me-nots.


Big juicy blueberries, my superfood choice!


A brilliant blue and sun streaked sky.

 Hydrangea in blue is blissful…

File 29-07-2015 22 22 59

I do love a bit of sapphire & diamonds, don’t you?

Here is this week’s colourful playlist:

  • Blue Suede Shoes- Elvish Presley
  • Blue Gangsta- Michael Jackson
  • Blue Bayou- Linda Ronstadt
  • Blueberry Hill- Fats Domino
  • Blue Velvet- Bobby Vinton
  • Make my Brown Eyes Blue- Crystal Gayl
  • Mr. Blue Sky- Electric Light Orchestra
  • Song Sung Blue- Neil Diamond

‘Listen with your eyes…listen with your ears….and sing everything you see….’

Colour is everywhere and a final quote to finish…

“Colours speak all languages.”

-Joseph Addison


3 thoughts on “Sing a Rainbow Day 7…

  1. Blue is lovely. I’ve only recently come to enjoying it though. I used to be all about the fiery colours. Nowadays I wouldn’t be able to choose a favourite colour and that’s a good thing I reckon : )


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