Mindful Meditation….

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.”

-Thich Nhat Hanh


In the past, if asked what I thought about meditation, I’d have laughed, saying it was a bit airy-fairy and not for me!

I am proud to state that I am a now a happy convert!

Meditation is not a one day wonder; it is important to practise, stay with it and integrate it into daily life. Quite simply, it makes you feel great; helping to reduce stress and relax the body mentally and physically. It’s my personal programme for peace. It helps me to keep my emotions in check, be positive and sleep deeper, leading me to feel more refreshed each morning.

Initially, I started with guided meditation apps and videos, but now I can put on soothing music and ‘zone into my zen’.

This is what works for me:                                                                                          candle-335965_1280

  • Setting aside a specific time; morning and evening
  • Finding a quiet place
  • Concentrating on the breath; deep breathing, focussing on all the body parts
  • Sensing my lemongrass and rosemary defuser (mornings)
  • Lighting a purple candle (evenings)
  • Listening to my personal playlist
  • Stretching to remove body tension
  • Setting a theme for my meditation: thanks, forgiveness, peace, happiness
  • Smiling…..

The more I meditate, the easier I find it. It’s as if my body knows it is time for rest, relaxation and rejuvenation.

My daily routines are great, but I do supplement them with my ‘mini and mobile’ sessions too. Any time I feel tired, lacking in confidence, worried about family or just feeling low, I take time out, sometimes only for 10 minutes and use my meditation mantras. This helps right my emotional balance. I regularly do this in the car, when I am waiting to pick up my husband up after his work. I don my shades, sit comfortably and have my ‘me-time’. 

I found the quote and it is so true….

“Meditation is the ultimate mobile device; you can use it anywhere, anytime, unobtrusively.”

– Sharon Salzberg

Why not set your mind to meditate? 


6 thoughts on “Mindful Meditation….

  1. So true. There are some donation-based weekly meditation classes in my area that helped me learn how to start meditating! It was difficult for me initially to learn how to calm myself and not fight all the thoughts running through my head and just learn to breathe and let things flow…

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  2. A great and realistic post on meditation, very encouraging. You addressed concerns many people have when they first start and showed that with daily practice, it gets easier. And the health benefits are so worth it!

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  3. Your post makes meditation sound like something achievable not something abstract and difficult. I think having a skill like this – to grab 10 minutes head space – is really valuable and, having dabbled before, it’s something I’d like to make time for in my evening, as a break from all the rushing around. Are there any particular guided meditations you would recommend for someone just starting out? Ideally nothing too long!

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