Sing a Rainbow Day 4…

Red and yellow and pink and green,

Purple and orange and blue,

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,

Sing a rainbow too.

Arthur Hamilton

avocado salad

I am delighted to be sharing Day 4 of my Sing a Rainbow Challenge, because green is definitely one of my favourite colours. Maybe it’s because I have green eyes, but I do love green and it is to found somewhere, in every room in my home.

There are so many beautiful shades of green: emerald, fern, lime, mint, moss and pistachio, to name just a few and they can be seen everywhere.

To me, green is a positive colour; it soothes and relaxes me, creating a sense of wellbeing and balance in my life. It represents hope, peace, harmony and new growth in nature.

Green phrases inspire me! I try to ‘go green‘ and think environmentally and my ‘green thumbs‘ are handy when I plant out my summers baskets. I can’t wait to get the ‘green light‘ for new projects, I don’t believe that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ and I try to ensure that I am never ‘green with envy‘, as I have so much to be grateful for.

Green photographs and vibrant and fresh…


Avocados ripe and ready to eat…


Let us eat lettuce!


Why not grow your own chillies and peppers?


New growth is a beauty to behold.


Raindrop photography is interesting too!


Here is this week’s colourful playlist:

  • Bein’ Green- Kermit the Frog
  • Green Green Grass Of Home- Tom Jones
  • Green Door- Shakin’ Stevens
  • Green Eyes – Coldplay
  • Green Light- John Legend
  • Evergreen- Barbara Streisand

‘Listen with your eyes …listen with your ears ….and sing everything you see….’

Love my iPhone…music, fun and photography. Have you taken up the Sing a Rainbow Challenge yet?


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