Sing a Rainbow Day 3…

Red and yellow and pink and green,

Purple and orange and blue,

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,

Sing a rainbow too.

Arthur Hamilton

avocado salad

Thank you to all my Sing a Rainbow visitors.

I never really thought myself as a pink person and sometimes ask myself, “Can over 50’s wear pink?”

Quick answer to that is… oh yes they can!

I really do admire all shades of pink: fuchsia, cerise, raspberry, flamingo and of course rose pink. Pink represents unconditional love and understanding, therefore is perfect for the shade baby pink.

 I love the phrase ‘in the pink’ and the positive vibes from, ‘everything’s rosy’. 

No wonder I am drawn to the colour pink…yes, it truly is for me💗

pink dahlia

Dahlia’s come in such vibrant shades.

hedge rose

Pink hedge roses bring beauty.

perfectly pink

Love this delicate peachy pink rose!

File 10-07-2015 16 40 38

Everyone loves a bit of sparkle and bling✨


And let’s not forget my favourite…pink champagne💓

Here is this week’s colourful playlist:

  • You’re a Pink Toothbrush- Max Bygraves
  • Pink Cadillac- Bruce Springsteen
  • Pink-Aerosmith
  • Geek in Pink- Jason Myraz
  • Pink Champagne- Ariana Grande
  • Pink Panther Theme- Henry Mancini

‘Listen with your eyes …listen with your ears ….and sing everything you see….’

Love my iPhone…music, fun and photography. Next colour is…..


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