A little of what you fancy…Listen to your Zen

“Health for both mind and body comes from not mourning over the past, not worrying about the future, but to live the present moment wisely.”



If you have been following my blog, or have just popped in to look at one or two of my posts, you may have noticed, especially with my recipe section, that I do enjoy the occasional cold beer, chilled wine, champagne and a liqueur or two. For me, food and drink go together, but these days, I don’t over indulge. I honestly believe a little of what you fancy does you good. No fancy, you can’t drink or eat this food group, diet for me!

That said, a few days ago, I was feeling good; the sun was shining, I had lots of free time and so I went shopping. I decided to buy a good rose wine to have that evening, with my chicken curry. Then I spied the sweet section and thought I would treat myself to some sheer, sugar rush, melt in your mouth Scottish Tablet. If you have never tasted it, I suggest you do…mmmm.

That afternoon, with tea and tablet in hand, I settled to relax, check my email and visit my social media sites for updates. As the day progressed, I enjoyed my curry and wine, in the evening, the chocolate  my husband brought home for me and the ready salted crisps for late night snack….Did I over do it?

When I woke next morning, I must admit, I felt tired, sluggish and not my usual bright and breezy self. I had enjoyed a little of everything I fancied, but my body was not happy….I decided to bite the bullet and pull out my yoga mat.

That’s what I love about my daily morning yoga practice; it helps me to clear my mind, wake up and see what I need to do. It allows me to embrace the each day and find balance. I started with my satisfying salutations, worked with determination through my detox routines  and soon found myself in Goddess Pose. As my body relaxed, I reminded myself, “My body is a temple…let’s have a good day today.”

For me, that’s what listening to your Zen is all about. It’s not about guilt or punishing yourself. It’s about living in the moment, here and now, not worrying about yesterday. After my yoga session, I felt happier, enlightened and full of positive resolve . I guess that’s why morning yoga really works for me.

Yes, it is good to have a little of what you fancy, I do, but ensure that you listen to your body, home into you Zen. Health and wellbeing is a long term lifestyle and with focus and balance, you will find yourself celebrating your success, achievement and inner happiness and peace…

         Namaste…    🙏


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