Smile and become a Sun…

“When you are joyful, when you say yes to life and have fun and project positivity all around you, you become a sun in the center of every constellation, and people want to be near you” ― Walt Whitman

I am delighted to share with you my yoga and meditation successes. I completed them online using  DOYOUYOGA :sunset

The Yoga for Beginners Starter Kit

The 30 day Yoga Challenges

The 30 Day Meditation Challenge

No one could have prepared me for the positive attitude and sense of wellbeing I now have. I have taken charge of my life and feel inspired to share my thoughts and feelings.

At first, I anticipated finding the time to do yoga daily would be difficult, but it wasn’t the case. It’s not about how many hours you put in; 20 minutes each day is far more beneficial, than 1 or 2 long sessions in the week. Yoga has a place throughout the day. I love falling out of bed and starting with stretching and detoxing routines.

Facing the morning sun, I embrace the world with my sun salutation. By the time I finish the restorative session, I feel energised and ready to face what lies ahead. Then, I prioritise and plan my tasks for the day, ensuring they are achievable and worthwhile. It’s so important to take control and not allow yourself to become overburdened and stressed.

However, our lives are busy; work, family duties, the list can be endless. The impact on the individual means, no quality me-time. This has a real and very adverse on health and wellbeing; poor diet, unfit, tired and no reason to smile! I think that’s why I have really taken to yoga so positively. If mornings aren’t good, because of commitments, there are so many other times yoga can fit into your schedule; sitting during a work break or lunch, in the evening and before bed.

As far as meditation goes, any time you have 5 or 10 minutes, slow down, focus on the breath and find inner peace. It’s great for putting things in perspective like anger and frustration. It let’s you develop self worth, and gratitude for everything that’s going right in life. DOYOUYOGA works for me because I can do it anywhere, at home using my laptop, or out and about,using my smartphone. Having completed my challenges, I feel more flexible, toned, my core is stronger and I’ve lost weight too!

Because I start my day with yoga, I feel empowered to listen to my hunger and make wholesome food choices. I meditate throughout the day; when I feel I need a physical break and before bed; I am calmer and more relaxed. My sleep pattern has improved immensely and I wake refreshed, ready to start all over again! I’m going on holiday this year and my yoga/ meditation routine is coming with me; poolside, on the beach, before siesta time, and definitely at the end of the day!

No wonder I am smiling…honestly, why not try it out for yourself 🙂


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