Learning through the Lens

“All learning has an emotional base.” Plato

flowering shrubsI’m inspired and stimulated; being involved with iPhoneography has given me a real platform for learning.

When I take on any new hobby, I like to research and find out as much as I can about the subject. It’s part of my nature to do things well, I guess I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times. Once I decided to really get to grips the the camera on my iPhone, I knew that I had to see what other people had achieved. There are many sharing network to join. Studying the work of other photographers, I was amazed by their quality, style and creativity. The EyeEm community is perfect for me; much to discover, friends to follow, photos to view, like and comment on. I’ve already had feedback and followers for my own work, and I am very much a novice.

What have I learned so far…   over the rooftops

Look at the world differently; like a photographer.

Don’t be afraid; the camera is your friend!

Practise the art; take pictures everyday.

Analyse your work; what is the story behind the photo?

Edit and enhance; make your image look the way you want it to.

Be proud; you’ve created something unique!

At the moment, I do not have one style, I’m exploring and experimenting with creative ideas and techniques. If I can’t zoom in with my feet, I’m cropping, to close in for the shot that I really want. I’m enjoying looking closely at nature, light source, and the local environment. When I go on holiday this year, I can’t wait to use a different landscape and culture as my stimulus. I hoping to take some unusual street photography pictures and work in black and white.

The possibilities are endless and it’s exciting! iPhoneography is definitely a new and powerful art form.  

 it's time clouds and clotheslines

I hope my photographs show how I am learning through the lens and loving it!

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