New Hobby…iPhoneography

imageI’ve always enjoyed taking photographs of family, friends and holidays; happy and special memories. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no professional, but I was pleased with the pictures taken on my compact and always filed them into events, moments and faces. Mission accomplished, no reviewing, no editing and no sharing. Over the last few years, I’ve found that my camera has stayed at home, unused and unloved….

I have found a new best friend; my iPhone!

I’m never without my phone and love taking pictures; editing; cropping, framing and sharing them via text message, email, FaceBook, Instagram and Pinterest. It’s so easy and checking my likes and comments is a bonus too! Since starting this Blog, I realised that images enhance the post. Not a problem, I thought. I can upload my all my own images, so much more personal….but are they good enough?

Googling iPhone photography, I came across this link; a great online resource with tips and tutorials.

iPhone Photography School

I had no idea how much I could actually do with my phone and how easy it would be to do some real photography with it! Using source light, silhouettes and compositions are just a few magical hacks I now have at my fingertips. I’m inspired!

Not one to do things by halves; I have now downloaded Collect- Photo Journal from the Apple Store and plan to do a 365 day photo journal, to showcase and share my newly inspired creativity.


My hobby list is growing and life is good 😉


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