Knitting is making a comeback via Social Media!


Knitting is like riding a bike or ice skating; it’s a skill that you never really forget. Recently, I decided to take up my pins to help me relax in the evenings. A good friend told me not to buy anything, as she had spare needles and some wool, good to practise with. That was me hooked! Soon I was heading to my local shop to see what new yarn and patterns I could find.

I began with a simple, but effective Tinsel Snood. I had not lost my touch, but really I wanted the challenge of an arran pattern. Pinterest came to my rescue again….what a wonderful website, so much to choose from and so much inspiration.

Then I found this amazing place where social media meets traditional crafts. It’s based on exploring  designs & patterns and a shop full of vibrant, colourful supplies. I love the Projects tab where you can upload and share your creations.

Please click the logo and check it out!


When watching TV, I usually have my laptop or phone by my side, but now my knitting box has pride of place. I am really proud of my arran cushions and have been adding my own labels to my other pieces, to personalise my work.

This Autumn, I plan start a small enterprise project.


Honestly, it is so rewarding to make something yourself. Get those needles out and see what you can do!


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