Let’s Sing

I started singing at a very early age. When I was two years old my parents emigrated to Canada and I suppose I missed the family left behind. What did I do? Believe it or not, I went round my new neighbours with a tin can, introduced myself and sang. To be honest, I have been singing ever since; choirs, musical theatre and of course Karaoke!

After all this time, I must admit, I still get that rush of excitement when I get up to sing, whether it be ballads, or my attempt at a new pop song. Singing is good for you; it makes you happy, improves your self esteem and is a natural high. I would recommend it to anyone. Honestly, my life would be empty with out it.

I found this quote:

“The only thing better than singing is more singing”
Ella Fitzgerald

Well, tonight is Friday….local Karaoke Night…singing, dancing, chatting with friends and a few drinks too.

I can’t wait! Why not give it a go yourself? xXx


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